Company Sustainability by Habermann Aurum Pumpen

For us, sustainability means rethinking the issue of resources - especially with regard to the product life cycle. Sustainability is lived by our entire workforce and actively promoted by management. As part of our safety, health and environmental protection (SHE) certification, the topic of environmental protection - in addition to occupational health and safety - determines our daily actions. We are gradually converting our vehicle fleet to alternative drive technologies and have made considerable progress in the last three years. We are reducing our energy requirements. With increasing capacity utilization in production, we have been able to achieve savings of 10% by using energy-efficient drives.

We design all our products with the aim of achieving maximum service life and optimum efficiency. In this way, we conserve existing raw material resources and supply our customers with a sustainable product. We measure our quality by the maximum service life of our products and generate a significant benefit for our customers. In this way, we at Habermann Aurum Pumpen make an active contribution to environmental protection and continue to develop on a daily basis. Resource conservation, climate change, environmental protection and occupational health and safety, equal rights, health and education are intensively practiced. You can find more information in our Ecovadis certification. We bring sustainability to the point! In the best case, to the optimal operating point and thus save energy significantly. By using our pumps, you too can actively contribute to environmental protection and increase the availability of your systems!